Katie & Kyle’s Wedding

Majestic purple mountains served as the backdrop to Katie & Kyle’s wedding at the Mountain Preserve Reception Center in North Phoenix. From the chocolate brown bridesmaid dresses, the cheery sunflower accents to the actual decked out mail box for greeting cards and the Nintendo grooms cake, there were tons of creative and fun elements to this wedding that their family and friends will remember for a long time. Congrats to the happy couple! For more information about Tyars MEDIA videography, please visit http://www.tyarsmedia.com

Faustine & Blas’ Wedding

Two locations? No problem. Faustine and Blas were cool and collected on their special day, which started at the elegant Castle at Ashley Manor in Chandler, AZ. The sky was the bluest I’ve ever seen, dotted with perfect puffy white clouds. There was a crisp breeze and the birds chirped cheerily in the trees. Poetic, right? The party that followed was full of tradition and culture. Great food and great music made for good times. We were very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with this gracious couple. Congrats to Faustine and Blas! For more information about Tyars MEDIA videography, please visit www.tyarsmedia.com/weddings

Amanda & Aaron’s Wedding

There were so many unique details in this Yuma wedding. From the very cool teal and black bridesmaids dresses, to the aisle decorations and the karaoke performances at Amanda and Aaron’s reception, it was so refreshing to see such new and creative ideas. It was country flair with a modern twist all around. Amanda and Aaron were a joy to work with, and we hope they have a very blessed marriage! For more information about Tyars MEDIA videography, please visit http://www.tyarsmedia.com/weddings

Cristina & Matthew’s Wedding at Overgaard Springs Ranch

Here are a few of the cool details that can be scene in this sample wedding video, such as beautiful bright sunflowers in the wedding bouquets, cowboy/girl boots, and country chic dresses, as well as cool cake toppers and beautiful mountain scenery.

See example wedding video at the link below…

AZ Bridal Show Raffle Winners

Congratulations to our raffle winners of 50% off! Hurry to reserve your date soon while there are still available dates! Email us at weddings@tyarsmedia.com to claim your prize!

Sally Ortega
Joshua Cohen
Gala Jackson
Kelly McCarty
Valeria Pisanto
Keera Craig
Jenny Davis
Stephanie McDermott
Ryan Patrick
Judith Carrasco
Hilary Parks
Crystal Messer
Kelli Quan
Vividiana Chavez
Marisa Dellova
Leya York
Joanna Aranda
Kara Rodriquez
Katie Tornakene
Eva Maldondado
Sarah Smith
Julie Mikelson
Alana Dunbar
Marianne Sterne
Katie Setzer
Megan Phanninstill
Sydnee Rogers
Jodi Grayson
Kim Goguen
Chelsea Hill
Monica Garcia
Chandra Ulcero
Taryn Fogarty
Rachael Sabers
Crystal Fortune
Adrianne Kelley
Kathy Johnson
Jen Kvavle
Brittany Heymanns
Tashiana Gayles
Victoria Burhans
Andrea Brooks
Jennifer Pietrzah
Crystal Ludtke
Jessica Clardy
Brianna Keller
Rita Serna
Ingrid Turman

Citlalli and William’s Wedding

The Waterfront in Tempe, AZ was a serene backdrop in contrast to the lively guests who attended Citlalli and William’s wedding. Even though it was unseasonably warm for the beginning of October, Tali and Will’s brows were cool as ice; their love was more than enough to settle any nerves. We were lucky enough to witness a beautiful blending of cultures and tradition as well as an awesome party. This couple was so sweet to us and we wish them the very best! For more information about Tyars MEDIA videography please visit http://www.tyarsmedia.com/weddings

Christina and Matthew’s Wedding

I have to say this was my first and only wedding in Overgaard, Arizona, but after witnessing the rustic charm that Overgaard Springs Ranch had to offer, I hope I get the chance to return. Christina and Matthew had a picture perfect wedding day, with humming birds in the trees, bright blue skies dotted with puffy clouds, and a majestic pine forest as the backdrop. It was honestly like watching Ken and Barbie tie the knot. Congrats to the happy couple! For more information about Tyars MEDIA videography please visit http://www.tyarsmedia.com/weddings

Arizona Bridal Fashion Debut

Janae Tyars, Owner of Tyars MEDIA and Videographer

We were so excited to see the happy couples come out to experience all that is the Arizonal Bridal Fashion Debut. It was an amazing turnout as usual with literally thousands of people milling around the Phoenix Convention Center. We had our best turnout in history with over 300 folks stopping by our booth. The excitement and joy of brides, grooms and their families was infectious. We look forward to the opportunity to commemorate these families most special memories in a creative and cinematic video keepsake. We have tons of wedding video samples on our website for potential brides’ to use for inspiration for their wedding planning at www.tyarsmedia.com/weddings.

WEVA Taught Us a Thing Or Two

My husband and I were fortunate enough to have a little time to attend the 2012 Online WEVA (Wedding & Event Videographer’s Association) Convention this past August. In the past we’ve attended the convention in person in Orlando, Florida, but this year they held the whole convention online. At first it took some getting used to, but eventually we got the hang of it, and we walked away with a noggin full of new ideas for technique, products, work flow, and inspiration. It is very important to us, that we utilize the most cutting edge technique, equipment and software to produce a high quality product for our clients. The best way to do that is to stay “in the know” by attend seminars and conventions such as WEVA and online research. We strive to work “smart” and not “hard” so that our clients get nothing but our very best.

Hello DSLR! What it Means for You.

Tyars MEDIA now shoots with Nikon DSLR cameras. They might look like a photographer’s ┬ácamera, and they might very well be. But, DSLRs or┬ádigital single-lens reflex cameras shoot amazing high definition footage. We are able to film our weddings with true Hollywood cinematic style, by easily achieving shallow depth of field, rack focuses, and amazing pans, zooms and dolly shots. These easy to use light weight, durable cameras make it easy for us to get the “money shots” incognito. Dark environments like wedding receptions are also much easier to film with so many high end lenses to choose from allowing more natural light to be captured, leading to much less grainy film. We are excited to make this transition. Be sure to check out our web site to see our latest samples using our Nikon DSLR cameras!